DCD Purchase Order (paid by institutional check)

The dance specialist first completes the hardcopy “DCD Purchase Order Form” that drives the process and will be attached to the institution’s official Purchase Order (P.O. which will certify the funds to pay for the products ordered.)  DCD requires BOTH of these forms to match to fulfill an order.   

All POs include a $35 processing fee.

updated 11-24-20 bmcc


Steps to creating a purchase order  (NYC purchase order forms are found at a different tab for NYCDOE)

  1. Download and complete this required form: “DCD  PURCHASE ORDER FORM”  (enable editing).
  2. Select products.  Use the shipping table to add shipping charges.  (The form automatically adds the $35 processing fee.)
  3. Take the completed form to the institution’s purchasing agent to request an official “purchase order” from the institution (which formalizes the order and certifies payment).
  4. Review both to confirm that both forms match and both are attached.
  5. Email both the completed “DCD PURCHASE ORDER FORM” (above) and the official institutional Purchase Order to info@dancecurriculumdesigns.com.
  6. DCD will invoice the institution once items are shipped.
  7. Payment is due upon receipt of invoice, net 30.
  8. District orders:  To order multiples of the same item for a district, email DCD to request we customize the order and provide shipping rates before the institutional PO is cut. 

    — Click here  for “Sole-Source Vendor List”