Purchase Order (USA only) (paid by institutional check)

 Complete the hardcopy DCD “Purchase Order Form” to send with your institutional PO.  Both are required to process your order.  

Option 2:  Use the shopping cart’s purchase order form (in  lieu of the hardcopy “DCD PO Form”).  Promptly email your official institutional  PO to info@dancecurriculumdesigns.com so the order can be processed.  

All POs charge a $35 processing fee as well as shipping.

updated 3-26-17 bmcc


USA Purchase Order Form  (NYC educators use a different form: the NYC PO Form)  Click here for DCD’s “Sole Vendor Item Letter” if needed.       

Bulk orders see #8 below.

Steps to order with purchase order.

  1. $100 minimum order required for purchase orders.
  2. Download and complete this Required Form: USA PURCHASE ORDER FORM  (enable editing).
  3. Add the $35 PO processing fee.
  4. Add shipping charges (use shipping table on the PO form).
  5. Email the complete ORDER FORM (above) + the institutional Purchase Order to info@dancecurriculumdesigns.com (both forms must match).
  6. DCD requires both to fulfill the order.
  7. DCD invoices institution after materials are shipped with payment expected net 30.
  8. To order in bulk (multiples of the same item) email DCD to customize the order. 
  9. (USA SHIPPING RATES Word Document for quick reference.)