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Dance Curriculum Designs
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This is copied from a letter from Susan Gingrasso, dated August 28, 2012 in her capacity as chair of the publications review committee, board of directors, National Dance Education Organization. In her capacity as chair she did a blind peer review of Toolkit Two: Creating Dance - Processes for Choreographing - 2012.



"I write in my capacity as Director of Resources Review for the National Dance Education Organization. I am excited to inform you that reviewers gave the advanced version of Toolkit #2: Creating Dance: Processes for Choreographing very high praise.


I want to provide you with highlights from reviewer comments.

This student-centered method of teaching choreography is grounded in creative inquiry, meaning making and artistry, hallmarks of NDEO’s arts centered approach to dance education.
Tools for critical analysis to enhance viewing and critiquing are integrated within and between Toolkits 1 and 2.
This resource makes the choreographic process clear to teachers and learners because it 1) clarifies and defines the terminology used in choreographic process, structures and designs; 2) scaffolds the choreographic process; 3) explains each element; 4) shows how to integrate each element into the process; and 5) uses the NDEO and national standards in very functional ways.
Reviewers who used Toolkit #2 in the classroom appreciated how the tools helped students layer their work and their skill and understanding of choreographic processes over time. Reviewers also noticed that student dances were more fully developed when they took advantage of the various resources within the toolkit.
Reviewers used the toolkit to help them develop syllabi, plan comprehensive lessons and assess student work.
The hands-on nature of the words/processes/structures in the toolkit helped reviewers to connect dance education experiences across disciplines and life.
Those new to teaching choreography as well as experienced educators across NDEO’s varied constituents will find this resource invaluable in their practice, regardless of age or technical level.
The layout allows for easy referencing of concepts and how concepts fit together.
The toolkit fosters learner engagement with the concepts and promotes ways for student to work independently as well as collaboratively.

Reviewers wrote passionately and intensively about the resource. Synthesizing their ideas to provide you with a flavor of the range of their comments was a joyful process for me.


Creating Dance: Processes for Choreographing will make a significant contribution to the growing body of literature in the pedagogy and practice of dance education centered in the arts."




 by Anonymous

An NDEO member quote about

Viewing Dance--Vocabularies for Critiquing


“McCutchen's Toolkit One: Viewing Dance--Vocabularies for Critiquing was a significant resource in the development of my new Choreographic Analysis course for university dance majors and minors.  … Through the use of this toolkit, my students have discovered how to apply articulate dance vocabulary to perceptive choreographic viewing, combining both for sophisticated interpretation and evaluation of choreographic pieces.”

--Sybil Huskey, Professor of Dance, UNCC 2012