Our Framework

“Dance’s main content comes from dance’s foundation disciplines: dance performance, choreography, dance history, and criticism. They comprise the cornerstones for the dance curriculum.  They also generate the four artistic processes which are at the center of the dance curriculum.  Curricular balance is achieved by teaching the main concepts of each artistic process.”

– Brenda Pugh McCutchen


Cornerstones of Dance

Each cornerstone of a holistic dance curriculum is explained in depth in the textbook, Teaching Dance as Art in Education. The four cornerstones correspond with the four artistic processes in the National Core Arts Standards in Dance:

  1. Dancing and Performing                           Perform
  2. Creating and Composing                           Create
  3. Knowing History, Culture, Context         Connect
  4. Analyzing and Critiquing                           Respond

Educational Dance Toolkits

“The hands-on nature of the words/processes/structures in the toolkit helped reviewers to connect dance education experiences across disciplines and life.”        – NDEO review

Each cornerstone has a corresponding toolkit containing the substance and spark to generate high impact learning experiences.  As students absorb dance’s key concepts and connect them to each other, they transform into incredibly knowledgeable and skillful dancers right before your eyes!  Each toolkit was carefully designed to align with national standards and the four cornerstones.  In addition they exemplify all six defining characteristics of a holistic 6DC model.



Additional Products

Other resources in our store include:

  • Posters that display and reinforce dance concepts
  • Choreographic Idea Books to inspire choreography
  • Creative Dance Resources
  • Dance Magnets and Anatomy construction sets
  • A Dance History book for middle and high school

Affiliate products include:

  • Build Your Own Body magnetic skeletal system


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