K-12 Dance Programs, School Districts


We help principals, curriculum consultants, fine arts coordinators, dance specialists, and others out of their quandary and into making good decisions about resources, facilities, scheduling, and how to hire qualified personnel for their schools.

Among our specialties is gifted/talented education in dance. We offer three types of consults: general consulting, program design/refine, and program review.

Higher Education Dance Programs


The following services are available for institutions of higher education:

  • Curriculum Audits: Our higher ed curriculum audits require on-site work and off-site analysis of data. Entrust your curricular expansion or your new program into our hands. We’ll help you every step of the way.
  • Curriculum Design: We will provide as much assistance as you need to plan and implement a comprehensive, sequential, and substantive curriculum. Our 6 DC model is the gold standard of curriculum design.General Consulting: Whatever questions arise when implementing a holistic dance education program, we can help.


International Clients


We provide presentations and professional development workshops for international clients implementing holistic dance education programs. This video features Brenda Pugh McCutchen’s keynote speech at the Arts Education and the Community Conference in Republic Polly, Singapore.