BaliDancer1.1-148x150Dance in paradise with those who will share the techniques and beauty of classical Balinese dance forms.  Immerse yourself in the culture and traditions that spawned the dances that are performed for the gods in temple ceremonies throughout the island.  Gain personal insights into world religion and its expression in the arts. 


Immerse yourself in the study of Balinese dance with an emphasis on mastering the thrilling techniques of classical Legong dance taught in its natural setting by world-class teachers.  Receive utmost care in training and the highest quality experience at the hands of these master teachers who are also practitioners.  Culminate the trip at the opening day event of the world-famous Bali Arts Festival in Denpasar, where you will see perfected the dances from all over the island and the techniques you have learned performed in front of you with the utmost grace and skill by gifted dancers who represent the best each village has to offer. It is heavenly.  It will no doubt be one of the highlights of the Bali Study Tour 2014.


Spend hours watching some of the most exquisite dance forms in the world by seasoned performers as well as younger ones who have also mastered the detailed fine points of the art.  Marvel at how costumes are wrapped around the dancer, how makeup is added, and how the final touches appear through the fresh tropical flowers that dance as part of the ornate headdresses and elaborate costumes.  See for yourself how dance is still integrated, as it has been for centuries, into numerous ceremonial customs and temple events and how special dance is on this island—unlike anywhere else of earth.




Live in family- owned and operated hotels for a taste of luxury amidst the authentic Balinese architectural style which is the pride of the people.  Stretch out in comfort in this tropical paradise after a satisfying dance class or a ketjak session.  Jump in the salt water pool overlooking the rice terraces, then cool off and breathe deeply to take it all in.  Learn why part of you never leaves Bali once you have experienced it at this level—no matter how far away from Bali you go. This ongoing love-affair with the island cannot be explained in any rational way except to say that it happens within yourself during quiet moments, in certain spots on the island that draw you in.  This seduction enters through the sounds of the gamelan and the pores of your skin as you concentrate to perfect the asymmetrical Legong postures and properly curl the fingers and manipulate the fans, and sealed in during temple ceremonies as you are blessed with holy water. After you are christened into Balinese culture, at any time day or night, you can call up the sounds, colors, jangling gamelan and feel of the shoulder shudders and upturned toes of the Legong keraton.  Whether dreaming or awake, it is not past; it remains in the present.


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