TOOLKIT 2: CREATING DANCE–Processes for Choreographing (Ultimate level)


The ultimate version of toolkit 2 is perfect for higher education and professionals.  Easy-to-use posters untangle the 8 choreographic processes from the 12 devices so users are ready to run with them.  Detailed charts on choreographic  structures clarify organization of movement and composing.  Inspire a multitude of dance works on diverse topics with 60+ stanzas created to choreograph and 52 double-sided composition cards.  The Ideabook (pictured) helps to maximize learning outcomes.

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The Ultimate level creating kit contains 262 items for creating is geared to high school, university, and adult professionals.  It serves older beginners, intermediates and advanced levels.

1. Teacher’s Ideabook — the instructional booklet explains the resources, how to use them, and ways to extend learning
2. Choreographic Processes — 1 poster and 8 focus charts to guide the use of the choreographic processes
3. Choreographic Devices — 1 composite poster and 12 individual teaching charts to explain each of the manipulative devices
4. Dance Diamantes (Set 1) — 63 freshly created stanzas to prompt original dance choreography
5. Cool Contrasts (Set 1) — 52 two-sided cards to generate dances in AB form and stimulate improvisation
6. Foundation Structures — 6 focus charts that detail specifics of the basic choreographic structures
7. Dance Diamantes (Set 2) –66 additional stanzas of advanced concepts to translate into choreography and improvisation.*
8. Cool Contrasts (Set 2) — 52 additional cards containing advanced word pairs to contrast in improvisation and choreography.*

*Items in pink are in addition to the basic kit.

This toolkit contains 262 individual items. ISBN-978-0-9799419-1-7


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