DANCE LITERACY TOOLKIT 2: CREATING DANCE–Processes for Choreographing (Ultimate level)


Toolkit 2’s Ultimate Version is the best choice for higher education, professionals, and advanced high school.  Easy-to-use posters instill core composition concepts and creative catalysts activate dance-making.  The kit features the 3-step choreographic process and its 8 processes, a dozen choreographic devices for movement manipulation, and foundation structures to organize a work.  Use the 129 poetic stanzas to spark choreographic ideas and the 52 contrast cards to add composition challenges.

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The Ultimate level choreography kit contains 262 items for creating.  It is geared to high school, university, and adult professionals and moves them from beginner, to intermediate and to advanced levels of composition.



1. McCutchen’s Ideabook, Creating Dance–Processes for Choreography explains the core content needed to achieve national dance standards related to creating and composing the art of choreography.  This book also explains each resource in the kit and shoes how to use it effectively, as well as to ways to extend learning through integration of the kits resources.
2. Choreographic Processes — 1 poster and 8 focus charts to guide the use of the choreographic processes
3. Choreographic Devices — 1 composite poster and 12 individual teaching charts to explain each of the manipulative devices
4. Dance Diamantes (Set 1) — 63 freshly created stanzas to prompt original dance choreography
5. Cool Contrasts (Set 1) — 52 two-sided cards to generate dances in AB form and stimulate improvisation
6. Foundation Structures — 6 focus charts that detail specifics of the basic choreographic structures
7. Dance Diamantes (Set 2) –66 additional stanzas of advanced concepts to translate into choreography and improvisation.*
8. Cool Contrasts (Set 2) — 52 additional cards containing advanced word pairs to contrast in improvisation and choreography.*

*New resources added to the previous level kit (in pink type)

This toolkit contains 262 individual items. ISBN-978-0-9799419-1-7


For more information on Toolkit 2 see our video titled: “Unpacking the Pink Kit