DANCE LITERACY TOOLKIT 2: CREATING DANCE–Processes for Choreographing (Basic level)


This kit demystifies the choreographic process for elementary students through adults. Easy-to-use posters untangle the 8 choreographic processes from the 12 devices so users are ready to run with them.

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This kit demystifies the choreographic process for middle school and high school at the intermediate level. (Elementary Kids Koolkit listed separately.)   An overview poster describes the 3-step choreographic process, showing the 8 choreographic processes to activate when composing dance. One focus chart each of the 8 choreographic processes instructs the details of each process.  Another set of 13 posters is devoted to instruction on the “choreographic devices.”  Another set of instructional charts on the foundation structures of choreography clarify organization of movement and basics of structuring dances. Inspire a multitude of dance works on diverse topics with 60+ poetic stanzas written for choreography.  Also included are 52 two-sided composition cards. McCutchen’s 43-page book, Creating Dance–Processes for Choreography, comes as part of the teacher materials.  You will find this Ideabook to include valuable content and instructional information.

Toolkit 2, Basic Level contains 144 individual items as content and methods for choreography classes.

Library of Congress number:  ISBN-978-0-9799419-1-7


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