TOOLKIT 2: CREATING DANCE–Processes for Choreographing (Advanced level)


Toolkit 2 enlightens students about creating original choreography. It instills the key concepts that support dance composition.   The advanced version works best for high school and for upper middle school. (College students use The Ultimate version of this toolkit.)

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The advanced version of Toolkit 2 is geared to middle school and high school. Posters graphically show the relationship of origination, organization, and refinement of choreography.  Easy-to-use charts explain details of the choreographic processes, devices, and foundation structures in a way that empowers users to compose well.  Creative catalysts in the kit, like the 60+ stanzas written to choreograph and a deck of 52 contrast cards inspire the use of the processes, devices, and structures.  The teacher’s Ideabook (pictured) helps shows ways to use the materials to maximize learning.

MS. HS.  Serves beginners, intermediates, and advanced levels. 210 individual items in this kit. ISBN-978-0-9799419-1-7


For more information on Toolkit 2 see our video titled: “Unpacking the Pink Kit