TOOLKIT 1: VIEWING DANCE–Vocabularies for Critiquing (Basic level)


This kit focuses on responding to dance so viewers gain tangible, analytical skills at upper elementary through middle school.  The resources drastically change the way viewers see dance.  The resources in this kit work together to build a learning context that supports growth and builds confidence.  Students progress faster with integrated, artistically-driven materials than they could without them.

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This kit increases critical thinking, strengthens use of the dance elements, and instills design principles.  A teacher’s book with a complete kit of teaching materials for the classroom facilitates targeted viewing and responses.  Five resources intertwine to strengthen enduring understanding and skills in the artistic process, “responding.”

  • The Four-Step Critique ( 1 poster and 4 focus charts with teacher prompts) anchor the kit with a systematic way to look at dance
  • 4 Principles of Design posters relate the principles to each other
  • 10 Principles of Design focus charts detail each of the ten principles
  • “Decoding Dance Works 1” card set offers 45 cards with 90 concepts to look for and discuss about a work. They put questions in the hands of viewers so they know what to look for and how to respond.
  • “Critiquing Cards” card set also gives 45 cards with 90 concepts to guide skillful analysis
  • 38-page teacher’s Ideabook informs facilitation that leads to artistic awareness and dance literacy
  • All catalysts guide reflection and analysis.

This kit supports beginner to intermediate development. It contains 111 individual items for upper elementary and middle school. ISBN-978-0-9799419-0-0


For more information on Toolkit 1 see our video titled: “Unpacking the Green Kit

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