DANCE LITERACY TOOLKIT 1: VIEWING DANCE–Vocabularies for Critiquing (Basic level)


Viewing Dance contains all the teaching materials you wish you had but didn’t know existed. The author refined the process of facilitating dance analysis by distilling its main processes and skills into anchor charts and creative catalysts that practically do the work for you. These materials cut to the chase of analysis by engaging learners in a systematic process at the same time they put words in learners’ mouths and ideas in their heads that transform them into confident dance critics. Literacy progresses faster through these artistically-driven materials than without them. (See the slide-show below of the kit’s materials.)




Don’t miss the slide show above to see what is in Toolkit 1.  For more info go to “Unpacking the Green Kit



This toolkit’s materials are uniquely designed to empower teachers with tools to be expert at facilitating analysis and critique of dance masterworks. The vocabularies instilled dramatically increase dance literacy. Students employ the dance elements vocabulary to describe movement (body, space, time, energy/force, relationship) as well as to analyze, interpret, and evaluate the artistic aspects of a masterwork. Another feature is its artistic emphasis on the principles of choreographic design in order to have the understanding by which to actually critique a masterwork.  The Ideabook fills any gaps teachers might have about the art of critiquing (responding).  The purpose of the kit is to instill the 4-Step Critiquing process and provide the required skills at each of the steps to become an informed “responder” to dance. To see how the complete kit of teaching materials facilitates focused viewing and responses.


Toolkit 1 (basic level) Specifications:


  • The Four-Step Critique (a main poster and 4 focus charts on each step with teaching prompts on the back)
  • Principles of Design posters (4) teach the affinities between the ten principles
  • Principles of Design focus charts (10) provide the details of each principle
  • “Decoding Dance Works 1” card set: 45 cards put 90 descriptors in the hands of viewers to guide viewing and response
  • “Critiquing Cards” card set: 45 cards with 90 questions that increase skills in analysis
  • 38-page Ideabook turns a teacher into a skilled professional at leading others to artistic awareness and dance literacy
  • For upper elementary and middle school.
  • “Basic Level” advances Beginners up to Intermediate level
  • Contains 111 individual items
  • ISBN-978-0-9799419-0-0