What a dapper dude with top hat and cane and dressed fit to kill, ready to go toe tapping at the Ritz.  Liven up your classroom with this dapper dancer to oversee the teaching of soft shoe routines and tap dance or for whatever other reason crosses you mind.  A mesmerizing moveable puppet magnet is addicting in the classroom.  Add a new dimension to your teaching with this happy hoofer for this school year.



    • 12″ tall
    • Made of recycled material, all-black
    • Hinged
    • Infinitely moveable
    • Playful, instructive, creative, addictive
    • Non-gender specific
    • Non-race specific; made of black material
    • Hinged joints in all the right places to allow smooth transitions between shapes
    • Hinges make for magical movements with any contact point on the magnet when repositioned and relocated in space.
    • Unimaginable shapes result from creating static poses
    • Placement of head by its neck hinges allow adjustment to countless focal points.
    • Portable


Creative Designers:  Rami Geller and Linda Wang


Notice:  Product includes one magnetic puppet. Must be used on a metal surface (e.g., fridge, file cabinet, “white board”) for vertical display. Because the puppet’s color is jet black, lighter-colored surfaces work best.  The larger the surface the better for more creative space. Also use horizontally on non-metal surface like a tabletop, studio floor, desk.  The puppet magnet is nearly limitless in movement possibilities.