The Jazz Musician


Every musician needs a backup player like me.  I’m a really good friend to jam with. Turn me into an action figure and animated companion on any flat surface (especially a metal one) and watch how many ways I can moves. When not jamming, let me live on the fridge so together we can create our own joy.


Motional Magnets are:

    • 12″ tall
    • Made of recycled material, all-black
    • Hinged
    • Infinitely moveable
    • Playful, instructive, creative, addictive.
    • Non-gender specific
    • Non-race specific
    • Hinged joints in all the right places to allow smooth transitions between shapes
    • Hinges make for magical movements with any contact point on the magnet when pulled through space to a new place on its metal surface.
    • Unimaginable shapes result from creating static poses.
    • Placement of head by its neck hinges allow adjustment to countless focal points.
    • Portable

Creative Designers:  Rami Geller (puppet) and Linda Wang (video and action figures)

Notice:  Product includes one magnetic puppet. Must be used on one’s own metal or magnetized surface (e.g., fridge, file cabinet, “white board”).  Light-colored surface gets best results since the puppet is solid black.  The larger the surface, the greater the creative space available. No magnet board around—then use it on a horizontal, non-metal surface like a tabletop, studio floor, desk, etc.  This wildly creative catalyst is almost limitless (e.g., cut and apply colored paper tape to “dress” the figure in costume).  Create a group dance with multiple puppet costumed magnets.