The Fine Arts Cohort


Enjoy having all the arts around you all the time.  Create an immersive experience with all of them and have them interact with each other as well as you. Let them entertain you and your family all the time as part of your family fun.  (Good as gifts to arts lovers and artists.  Nearly everyone loves and enjoys the infinitely moveable magnetized shadow puppets on their fridge.


“The Fine Arts Cohort” is comprised of 5 shadow puppets:  One each of “The Jazz Musician, The Painter, The Actor, The Avid Reader/Writer, The Dancer.”

Each Motional Magnet is:

    • 12″ tall
    • Made of recycled material, all-black
    • Hinged
    • Infinitely moveable
    • Playful, instructive, creative, addictive.
    • Non-gender specific
    • Non-race specific
    • Hinged joints in all the right places to allow smooth transitions between shapes
    • Hinges make for magical movements with any contact point on the magnet when pulled through space to a new place on its metal surface.
    • Unimaginable shapes result from creating static poses.
    • Placement of head by its neck hinges allow adjustment to countless focal points.
    • Portable

Creative Designers:  Rami Geller (puppet) and Linda Wang (video and action figures)

Notice:  Product includes one magnetic puppet. Must be used on one’s own metal or magnetized surface (e.g., fridge, file cabinet, “white board”).  Light-colored surface gets best results since the puppet is solid black.  The larger the surface, the greater the creative space available. No magnet board around—then use it on a horizontal, non-metal surface like a tabletop, studio floor, desk, etc.  This wildly creative catalyst is almost limitless (e.g., cut and apply colored paper tape to “dress” the figure in costume).  Create a group dance with multiple puppet costumed magnets.