THE DANCE TRIO (Dancer, Choreographer, & Degas Dancer)


If there is anything better than having one dancing puppet magnet, it’s having three.  Move them purposely to choreograph Move them instinctually to improvise.  Create unique shapes, moves, and transitions to enjoy them fully. In the case of having a “trio of figures” instead of one, less is not more.  Three is “more.”  (Considering that the trio saves $3 off the solo purchase price, “more also costs less.”)


Puppet Specifications:

Motional Magnets are:

    • 12″ tall
    • Made of recycled material, all-black
    • Hinged
    • Infinitely moveable
    • Playful, instructive, creative, addictive.
    • 2 are non-gender specific; one is female (Degas)
    • Non-race specific; made of black material
    • Hinged joints in all the right places to allow smooth transitions between shapes
    • Hinges make for magical movements with any contact point on the magnet when dragged through space to a new place.
    • Unimaginable shapes result from creating static poses.
    • Placement of head by its neck hinges allow adjustment to countless focal points.
    • Portable
  • Inspired by the hinged Balinese shadow puppets which are manipulated by sticks attached to the puppets’ limbs.  [The Balinese art form, Wayang Kulit, translates to “puppets made of leather.” It’s performed by a dalang (shadow puppet master), such as I-Wayan Deres from Tagalalang, Bali, Indonesia, guru to Ibu Brenda McCutchen.  Dalang manipulate a box full of puppet characters to tell numerous traditional stories.  They also sing, chant, direct the gamelan gendar musicians, and play large metal plates with their feet to add sound-effects for bombastic aspects of the stories.  Dalang are apprenticed early in life to perfect the art of puppet-carving out of buffalo hide.]

Creative Designers:  Rami Geller (puppet); Linda Wang (graphics)

Notice:  Product includes one magnetic puppet. Must be used on one’s own metal or magnetized surface (e.g., frig, file cabinet, “white board”).  Light-colored surface gets best results (puppet is jet black).  The larger the surface, the greater creative space is available. May also be used on a horizontal, non-magnetized surface like a tabletop, studio floor, desk, etc.  This wildly creative catalyst is almost limitless (e.g., cut and apply colored paper tape to “dress” the figure in costume).  Create a group dance with multiple puppet costumed magnets.