Aside from the sheer fun of manipulating these two flexible figures, this “circus duo” can also be a captivating catalyst to introduce certain dance elements to students, like joint actions.  Everybody loves comparing their own joint’s capabilities to those of the flexible shadow puppet magnets.  What dance elements will you introduce with these fabulous figures?


Even though clowns, humans, and monkeys are bipedal—and monkeys are also quadrupedal—mobility is no issue for the magnetic shadow puppet.  All shadow puppets are free to be moved without concern for gravity or which body part is where.  Multiple tiny magnets encourage you to move them in as many fanciful ways as you can.  Slide them, shape them, slither them, adjust them.  Get different body parts to lead them through space and delight in what happens.



  • Each magnet is 12” tall
  • Made of recycled materials
  • Designed by Rami Geller
  • Inspired by the hinged Balinese shadow puppets of wayang kulit.
  • You provide the surface for the magnet