Instill dance’s distinct three-step compositional process: Originate, Organize, Refine.


Within the three steps, also show the various choreographic processes available to aid composition. Learn them as essential to the craft of choreography as well as how to deploy at least one during each step.



Color Poster on white background, 13” x 19”, glossy cardstock


The 3-Step Choreographic Process poster depicts how each step serves a special purpose:

Step 1’s purpose is to originate fresh movement material;

Step 2’s purpose is to organize the new material into a draft composition;

Step 3’s purpose is to refine the composition.


The poster also lists the nine choreographic processes that serve as essential compositional skills. They mobilize each of the three steps of creation.   Within the nine processes reside the ultimate skills for choreographing:


  • various ways to generate movement for a dance (explore, experiment, improvise, or abstract),
  • ways to organize these movement into a dance (select, synthesize, or structure), and
  • ways to improve each dance (evaluate, edit, and refine).

Each of the choreographic processes (9) is essential to mastering the craft of choreography.  All nine skills give offer the palette of options choreographers need to eventually be able to choose which one(s) best suit a particular dance-making situation.


Note:  Informative teaching charts for these choreographic processes are featured in Toolkit 2:  Creating Dance–Processes for Choreographing.  Toolkit 2 explains them in detail and focuses on each one’s distinguishing characteristics.