BUNDLE: “The Kids KoolKit” Bundle


This bundle offers a strong educational package for K-5. It provides 235 creative dance resources in the Kids Koolkit: Catalysts for Creating Dance K-5 (which includes the “Dance Elements Daisy” shown elsewhere on this site). This Bundle includes a large color set of dance elements wall charts to complete the learning context. They keep the dance elements visible at all times to apply to creating, responding, connecting, and performing activities.


All contents in this bundle integrate to immerse elementary students in the artistic process “creating” while emphasizing the dance elements. This combination of materials builds a strong context for skill development alongside a growing conceptual understanding of dance. This bundle further emphasizes the dance elements by providing content and catalysts that enable a child to embody the dance elements as dance’s main vocabulary. Included in this bundle are:

a. One Kids Koolkit: Catalysts for Creating Dance K-5 of 235 pieces (which includes the innovative “Dance Elements Daisy” and the “22 Ways to Vary a Phrase” poster, both shown elsewhere on this site).      ISBN: 978-0-9799419-7-9
b. One set of five giant 3′ x 2′ color wall charts, Dance Elements 1. Dance Elements 1 poster set provides the broader context for the Dance Elements Daisy explorations by presenting the complete elements of Body, Space, Time, Energy, and Relationship.

This rich environment provides the learning context that supports the NCAS standards on Creating. It also supports the literacy component for developing the dance elements vocabulary.