“Four Ways to Inquire in Dance” (set of 5 posters)


Need help explaining dance inquiry from the different artistic processes?  Let this set of posters do it for you.  They present the essential questions from each of the four perspectives shown on the cover poster.  Post the set on the wall to prompt you to clarify which artistic processes will take center-stage in a lesson and those that will play supporting roles.



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In addition to the cover poster (shown) each of the four additional posters (Dancer, Choreographer, Historian/Anthropologist, and Critic) asks the essential questions–from its unique perspective.

Develop habits of personal inquiry as creator, performer, critic (responder) and dance historian to increase dance literacy and to make important connections.  By displaying this set permanently in your classroom, you can reference the essential questions as points of entry, points of emphasis, points of reflection, or points of reference to a lesson or unit.          Employ dance inquiry as a way to increase insights about the different facets of dance and to develop different forms of literacy.


Specifications:  Set of 5 posters printed in color on 11″ x 17″ sturdy card stock.  Applicable to grades 3-12 in schools and studios. Two of 5 posters shown.