Book: DRAGONFLY DIAMANTES–Stanzas to Abstract for Choreography, by Brenda P. McCutchen


Dragonfly diamantes are creative catalysts that feed the imagination.  The nine-word stanzas are fun to read but their purpose is to inspire new creations around unlikely topics.  These are little diamonds in the rough to polish and shape into gems. Eighty-seven “topics with a twist” spark unique compositions in all the arts–especially dance, visual arts, creative dramatics, and music.  Explore, improvise, and compose to your heart’s content and always have a creative idea at your fingertips. Book opens flat for ease of use.


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A blind review by the National Dance Education Organization returned these comments about this Dragonfly Diamantes book:

  • Clearly connects NDEO’s mission with the intent and substance of the Standards.
  • Uses abstract thinking, imagery and metaphor to promote creative problem solving.
  • This dynamic spring-board connects diverse areas of the curriculum through expressive movement and poetry.
  • Motivates students to create from deep abstraction and from feeling for the metaphors and images.
  • Motivates learners from the 7th grade through higher education.

Author: Brenda Pugh McCutchen, M.F.A. Dance
Book specs: 8.5″ x 11″, softcover, spiral-bound; 94 pages, 89 stanzas. Printed in black and white with 4 color pages. Published by Dance Curriculum Designs, Columbia, SC (2011).
Age level recommended: middle school, high school, college, adult
Layout: Stanzas appear one per page for viewing while moving in a studio to explore, improvise, and create.

Content: Original stanzas to stimulate dance choreography, creative dramatics, creative writing, music compositions, and other creative works. Stanzas of five lines each encapsulate an idea as a stimulus to further creative work.

ISBN 13:978-0-9799419-5-5