DANCER magnet


This fun, movable magnet helps instruct your students regarding proper posture, dance position, stage direction and more. The 12-inch DANCER magnet easily repositions into intriguing shapes and images with the touch of a finger. Magnet designed by Rami Geller.

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DANCER is both a creative catalyst in the classroom and a teacher’s helper. As long as he is on a magnetic surface he waits to be moved around, repositioned, and choreographed. As a prop, let him point directions (“Dressing room this way”), give reminders (“Rehearsal is at 4 pm” ), and reinforce rules (“Three minutes to dress out”).  As a teaching assistant he likes to demonstrates concepts like dance elements, stage direction, and alignment. For example–

DANCE ELEMENTS of Body and Space:

  • Shapes
  • Body parts
  • Postures
  • Gestures
  • Levels
  • Positions
  • Plie, Demi-plie
  • Extension (and hyper-extension)
  • Supports (possible and impossible)
  • Body parts leading (such as elbows, knees, shoulders, head, hands, feet, hips)
  • Relationships between body parts (how moving one part affects placement elsewhere)
  • Also stylistic positions from jazz, ballet, and other dance styles.

Demonstrating STAGE DIRECTIONS if you have a magnetized white board:

  • Draw a horizontal line as a “stage floor.”  Place him there to show the difference between a leap and jump, a hop and jump; and other desired elevations and landings.
  • Draw a flat parallelogram (2-D) for a “stage” and set him “on it”: downstage, center stage, stage left, etc.
  • Place several dancer magnets on the board to show different relationships in space.
  • Let several dancer magnets demo general space, personal space; near and far space; high, middle, and low space, and other spatial placements.

Magnet designed by Rami Geller.