Dance Elements Wall Charts, Set 2 (for Higher Education)


The elements of dance are essential to literacy in all aspects of dance (as a dancer, choreographer, critic, and historian). Each poster details the elements related to: 1) Body, 2) Space, 3) Time, 4) Energy, and 5) Relationship (BSTER). Content aligns with the “Elements of Dance” chart in Teaching Dance as Art in Education.  This set has five super-sized 24″ x 36″ color wall charts.  Higher education.

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Supersized  wall charts display the dance elements to emphasize dance’s descriptive vocabulary. The elements describe movement across all genres.  The elements are precursors to learning dance’s different stylistic vocabularies in various styles like ballet, modern, jazz.  Post the charts as reference when explaining techniques and stylistic variations, when critiquing works, and when teaching movement for choreography.

24″x 36″ colored wall charts (red, black, and white design) with a white border.  Sturdy card stock.  Does not require lamination; however, lamination is an option to preserve them over many years.