“The Dance Elements” Giant Wall Charts


The elements of dance are essential to literacy in all aspects of dance (as a dancer, choreographer, critic, and historian). NCAS standards promote the dance elements as dance’s primary movement language. Each chart clarifies the key dance elements in the five main categories:   1) Body, 2) Space, 3) Time, 4) Energy, and 5) Relationship (BSTER). Increase enduring understanding of dance as a movement-based art with this conceptual language.

The Dance Elements are the most important vocabulary in educational dance. Use for all ages.

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5 super-sized 24″ x 36″ color wall charts.

  • Large wall charts instill dance’s movement vocabulary as: a) the conceptual language for dance, b) dance’s descriptive language, and c) the embodied language of movement and creativity.
  • Elements are necessary for literacy in creating, performing, responding to dance, as well as connecting dance to other topics.
  • To be educated in dance requires immersion in this movement-based vocabulary, the main language required for dance literacy.
  • Content aligns with the national standards.
  • Content is an expanded version of that in Teaching Dance as Art in Education (BP McCutchen, 2006)
  • Chart Set is color-coordinated to “The Dance Elements Daisy (all versions).
  • All ages.
  • Available in heavy cardstock and in vinyl banner (same size).