“The Dance Elements” Giant Wall Charts


The elements of dance are essential to literacy in all aspects of dance (as a dancer, choreographer, critic, and historian). NCAS standards promote the dance elements as dance’s primary movement language. Each chart clarifies the key dance elements in the five main categories:   1) Body, 2) Space, 3) Time, 4) Energy, and 5) Relationship (BSTER). Increase enduring understanding of dance as a movement-based art with this conceptual language.

The Dance Elements are the most important vocabulary in educational dance. Use for all ages.

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Super-sized 24″ x 36″ color wall charts.  The giant wall charts instill dance’s movement vocabulary as: a) the conceptual language for dance, 2) dance’s descriptive language, and c) the embodied language of movement and creativity. The elements support creating, performing, responding to dance, as well as connecting dance to other topics. To be educated in dance requires immersion in this movement-based vocabulary, the main language required for dance literacy. The content aligns with the national standards and concepts in Teaching Dance as Art in Education. Suitable for all ages.