BUNDLE: “Dance Elements Daisy” Bundle


The bundle combines two strong “elements of dance” resources: Dance Elements Daisy (101 creative problem-solving catalysts) and Dance Elements 1 wall charts. The bundle enables teachers to facilitate creative dance through embodiment of the elements in a way that turns them into a functional language for dance. The combination of the two—the creative catalyst (Daisy) with the anchor concepts (wall mounted Elements 1 charts) provides the dynamic context in which to create, perform, connect, and respond using the elements language.


The bundle combines “Dance Elements Daisy” and “Dance Elements 1” wall charts to strengthen the elements.  Use the wall charts for conceptual development and the daisy for the creative catalyst to embody them. The interaction of the two resources provides benefits that neither can accomplish alone.  One resource is divergent, the other convergent.  One guides exploration, the other instills its conceptual base.  Both complement each other to grow dance’s main conceptual language.  To immerse provides the needed context to achieve NCAS standards of creating, performing, responding, and connecting to dance through personal deployment of the elements.

Included in this bundle are:

  1. The Dance Elements Daisy” 4’ x 3’ vinyl banner with 100 interchangeable dance elements cards for movement exploration, improvising,  and dance-making.
  2. The Dance Elements 1 wall charts—set of 5 giant color posters, 3 ft. X 2 ft, one each devoted to elements of Body, Space, Time, Energy, and Relationship (BSTER).