“The Original 2015 Dance Elements Daisy” Bundle


The “Original 2015 Dance Elements Daisy” Bundle combines two strong “dance elements” resources: Dance Elements Daisy (101 creative problem-solving catalysts) and Dance Elements wall charts. They facilitate creative dance which turns the elements into an expressive language for dance. The combination of creative catalyst (Daisy) and the big idea (charts) establishes a dynamic context in which to create, perform, connect, and respond with the dance elements.  Both resources are color-matched to increase literacy.


The Original 2015 Dance Daisy Bundle 

“The Original 2015 Dance Daisy Bundle” combines the original Dance Elements Daisy Set’s vinyl daisy pocketed banner and 100 original petals and intent circles with “The Dance Elements #1” color-matched wall charts that strengthen the use of the elements of dance.  Use the wall charts for conceptual development and the daisy as the creative catalyst so users embody the dance elements in multiple ways. The interaction of the two resources provides benefits that neither can accomplish alone.  One resource is divergent, the other convergent.  One guides exploration, the other instills its conceptual base.  One is movement-based, the other foundational and definitive. Both resources complement each other to deepen the grasp of dance’s main movement and conceptual language.  Immerse in the dance elements with both resources to create the context to achieve the national NCAS standards of creating, performing, responding, and connecting to dance.


“The Original 2015 Dance Elements Daisy Bundle” Description

  1. “The Dance Elements Daisy Set:” One 4 ft. x 3 ft. vinyl banner with clear vinyl pockets that hold 9 of the100 interchangeable dance elements intent circles and petal placards for movement exploration, improvising, and dance-making.  Color-coded to match the Dance Elements wall charts,
  2. The Dance Elements 1: A set of 5 large wall charts 36 in. x 24 in., one each devoted to detail the elements of Body, Space, Time, Energy, and Relationship (BSTER).  Color-coded to match the Dance Elements Daisy resource.

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Notice: A 2022 daisy upgrade also available.  “The Original 2015 Dance Elements Daisy Set” now has two new sets of supplemental placards which enhance learning and literacy to increase the reach of the original set.  See “The Complete 2022 Dance Elements Daisy Set Bundle” for more details.