Advanced “Cool Contrasts–Set 2”


Set 2, Cool Contrast cards for dance-making.  52 cards with contrasting ideas on each side. Improvisation/Composition ideas for upper middle, high school, and college. 104 fresh Ideas to prompt dance composition. Never run out of ideas to improvise or compose.



Teach contrast as a main principle of all dance compositions.

  • Sharpen the ability to express choreographic intent.
  • Use the card’s contrasting words for structures like AB, ABA, and A B AB form.
  • Love the fresh ideas to prompt dance composition.
  • Toss one into choreographic criteria for a short composition or chance dance.
  • 52 cards with contrasting ideas on each side.  104 ideas for dance-making for upper middle school, high school, and college
  • A card set from Toolkit Two: Creating Dance–Processes for Choreographing (McCutchen)
  • 7 Examples from this resource:  core/distal, axial/appendicular, on-center/off-center, ascend/descend, sustained/sudden, undercurve/overcurve, meeting/parting.
  • Set 2’s action words provide more concepts to challenge advanced learners to abstract into movement.
  • Includes some LOD concepts and symbols.
  • Some of the most versatile tools a choreographer can have to call on.
  • Follows Set 1 Cool Contrasts with more complex contrasts to convey in movement, dance, theatre, and poetry.