BUNDLE: “The Choreography” Super-Bundle


This super-bundle enriches the choreographic process. Contextual Learning maximizes conceptual understanding and application. The array of creative catalysts in this bundled context ensures the grasp of process, product, and the retention of dance’s biggest ideas related to choreographing. At the core of this super-bundle are the items within Toolkit 2, the ultimate choreography kit. Toolkit 2 imparts all the choreographic processes and manipulative devices as well as the foundations structures used when composing. The additional items in the bundle give teachers and students more creative catalysts to use for an even richer learning environment. All materials interface to create a coherent learning context to enrich dance education.


The Choreography Super-Bundle includes 4 distinct items, all of which seamlessly integrate with Toolkit 2. The combination creates a super Contextual Learning System™ for dance:

  • Toolkit 2: Creating Dance—Processes for Choreographing (260 items in The Ultimate level kit)
  • Book: Choreographic Impulses to Explore, Improvise, and Abstract (to inspire dance and other creative arts)
  • Book: Dragonfly Diamantes—Stanzas to Abstract for Choreography (to inspire dance and other creative arts)
  • Cards: Cool Contrasts Set 3 (expert level)

See individual product descriptions for more information about each product included.