BUNDLE: The Choreography Bundle


Contextual learning makes dance education more coherent.  The Choreography Bundle combines three products which strategically interact to make dance composition more coherent. These resources inspire excellence and enduring understanding of dance’s big ideas.

  • Toolkit 2: Creating Dance—Processes for Choreographing (260 items in The Ultimate level kit)
  • Book: Dragonfly Diamantes—Stanzas to Abstract for Choreography (87 stanzas that inspire original dance compositions as well as other creative arts products)
  • Book: Choreographic Impulses to Explore, Improvise, and Abstract (even more stanzas, all of which appeal to the broadest possible audience and nudge them to translate sparse poetic forms into original art work in dance, literature, visual arts, music, and theatre)




Geared to high school, college, and older, also gifted middle school.

Three separate products combine to create this bundle. The hub of the bundle is Toolkit 2 which instills the choreographic processes, the devices, and structures for composition. These concepts provide the foundation for  understanding composition. Toolkit 2’s concepts and the stanza books work together to generate original movement invention.   Both stanza books contain enough creative sparks to ignite numerous original fires, so you never run out of inventive ideas.  The bundle’s combined creative catalysts conspire to create the perfect Contextual Learning System.™ All materials interface to create a coherent learning context to enrich dance education  and enliven the choreographic process.  

See individual product descriptions for more information about each product included.  Price includes shipping in the US.