BUNDLE: Teaching Dance as Art in Education Super-Bundle


Want to immediately transfer the concepts in the college textbook into active teaching methods?  This super-bundle presents the textbook as its author originally intended–with the teaching kits that bring it to life.  Increase pre-service and in-service teacher effectiveness by pairing the comprehensive textbook with the author’s actual charts and action prompts that go with it.  For professors, pre-service teachers, and professionals.



Teaching Dance as Art in Education (TDAE) is a strong comprehensive foundations text for higher education and in-service teachers.  Now seamlessly correlate the text’s key points with classroom practice.  This super-bundle promotes the strongest conceptual-based curriculum and instruction for teacher preparation in dance education. The standards-aligned resources clarify the big ideas that drive the artistic processes of “creating” and “responding” for students in K-5, MS, and HS.

These combined resources deliver the 6DC model of educational dance in a three-dimensional, hands-on way for coherence in teaching and learning. All three kits emphasize two of the cornerstone chapters in Teaching Dance as Art in Education (“Creating and Composing” and “Analysis and Critique”).  It is the inquiry-based resources that advance the chapters’ content in new and unforgettable ways.  Users of TDAE miss part of its classroom impact without these strategic catalysts in these three kits.

For dance education professors, pre-service dance educators, graduate students, student teachers, teaching artists, dance company education directors, and other professionals who teach all grade levels between kindergarten and grade 12.  Kits resources grow with students from elementary to high school.

Read about each resource separately on the website for details about each item and its contents.


  1. Textbook: Teaching Dance as Art in Education   –Signed by request.

(McCutchen’s foundation textbook from Human Kinetics, © 2006).

  1. Toolkit One: Viewing Dance~~Vocabularies for Critiquing TK1U–the ultimate version) (McCutchen’s “responding kit” instills the principles and process of dance critique. © 2008)
  2. Toolkit Two: Creating Dance~~Processes for Choreographing (TK2U–the ultimate version) (McCutchen’s “creating kit” instills the processes and foundation structures for dance composition and enables teachers to articulate the key aspects of choreography. © 2011)
  3. Kids Kit:  Catalysts for Creating Dance K-5 [includes a Dance Elements Daisy set]

(McCutchen’s creative dance kit for K-5. © 2015)