BUNDLE: “The 24 Essential Questions Super-Bundle (Advanced)” (Sets 1, 2, 3, and 4)


Dance’s essential questions are best asked in batches. Included are 24 of the most important questions to ask about dance works. Each question is essential to dance literacy at upper levels. Instructive, invigorating questions provoke meaningful dialogue with all types of dance. Prompted answers show what to look for and subtly teach how to approach dance. Each set examines different layers of a choreographic work, be it professional or peer work. Save $25 by getting the whole bundle! Designed to mix and match as needed.

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“Essential Questions Super-Bundle” includes 4 sets of six posters: 24 full-color 13” x 19” posters, printed on sturdy semi-gloss card stock. The bundle provides the best in guided discovery for advanced learners. Each poster invites thoughtful viewing. All build confidence about decode dance works. Each question applies to all dance works and all styles of dance. Together the bundle creates a supported context for holistic understanding of dance. To facilitate dance with them boosts achievement of national standards related to “responding,” “essential questions,” and “enduring understanding of dance’s big ideas.”

Geared to college age, upper level high school, gifted education, and professionals. Ideal for college courses including Dance 101, Dance Appreciation, and Intro to Dance., and Dance Analysis and Critique. This poster combination provides the ultimate in viewing guidance for university schools of fine arts, dance departments, dance appreciation courses. Also useful by dance studios, adults, and serious dance lovers.