BUILD YOUR OWN BODY®–(BYOB) (magnetic musculoskeletal system on 3 metal panels)


Magnetic Musculoskeletal System on 5-Foot Tall Graphic Metal Panels


naturally integrates dance with science.  The detailed anatomy construction set contains magnetized muscles to place on three metal panels of the skeletal system.  When positioned, the musculoskeletal system is seen from different angles: the posterior, the anterior, and the lateral.  The angles show the functional integration of the system.  This understanding applied to technique study makes articulate, informed, and literate dancers.

Suited to science departments, HS dance, university dance, gifted education, conservatories, education labs, studios, tech college, and kinesiology professionals.     Created by Anne Wilcox.


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Set includes:

  • Three 5′ x 2′ metal panels:  anterior, posterior, and lateral view skeletons
  • Muscle group magnets (color coded)
  • Storage envelopes and carrying case
  • Instructor’s manual

BUILD YOUR OWN BODY’s® realistic magnetic learning tools make the human anatomy live in the hands of those in high school and college.  As students place individual soft magnetic anatomical parts from all angles they learn to overlay them to refine their anatomical function. Retention of anatomical detail is enhanced by the visual-tactile-kinetic process of manipulating the materials. With practice, other details emerge such as integration of systems, insertion points, and a growing anatomical vocabulary.   This understanding increases the capacity to body-map during technique class.


Materials are gender non-specific and designed to be suitable for education.


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