Beginning-Middle-End #1


B-M-E is the developmental framework for all dance compositions which keeps creators true to their dance idea. Approach it as the most basic skill for all dances from simple to complex. Without a clearly crafted-M-E a dance work fails to communicate a clear intent. (The back-side of the poster is full of diverse teaching points that enable teachers to brilliantly explain significant aspects of crafting this process.)



B-M-E is the basic framework for all dance compositions. One must learn to design its beginning, to develop its movement idea, and conclude it in a satisfying way. B-M-E builds unity into a composition. This B-M-E poster guides the whole dance-making process and serves the creative process of organizing a dance regardless of length or style.–from the simplest to the most complex. Teach B-M-E as the heart of all dance compositions, regardless of the level of sophistication of the dance.



  • Double-sided poster. Front side faces students. The front side encapsulates the big ideas of B-M-E for K-5.
  • Back side faces teacher and is filled with varied aspects to use as examples or the goal of a lesson.
  • The back side provides numerous ways to instill B-M-E through artistically driven “teacher prompts” that offer the kind of enriching details that continue to educate over time.
  • 13” x 19” heavy cardstock, printed black on white cardstock.*
  • *Ready to laminate for durability in the classroom
  • Created for K-5 with basic information.
  • Teacher prompts use age-appropriate wording that are easy to grasp and to apply.


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