BUNDLE: “The Basic Toolkit Bundle”


Three integrated resources in this bundle increase conceptual understanding of dance’s artistic processes:  responding and creating.  This bundle provides the basic versions of Toolkit 1 (critique),  Toolkit 2 (composition), plus an additional set of “Decoding Dance Works” cards for all ages.  The teachers’ Ideabook in each toolkit offers practical, insightful, and creative guidance.

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TOOLKIT ONE (Basic level):  111 items for beginners and intermediates (green)

1. Teacher’s Ideabook — the instructional booklet that explains the resources, how to use them, and ways to extend learning.
2. Four-Step Critique — 1 poster with all 4 steps; + 4 double-sided focus charts to guide each step dance analysis for maximum effectiveness.
3. Principles of Design Posters — 4 poster representations of all ten principles which are clustered to build contextual learning through interactive groups.
4. Principles of Design Charts — 10 focus charts to target each principle and its specific role each one plays whether choreographing or critiquing choreography.
5. Decoding Dance Works (Set 1) — 45 strips with 90 different comments to put words and ideas in front of students to help them really “see” dance and have the tools to use to analyze it.
6. Critiquing Strips — 45 strips ask 90 different critique/evaluation questions to spur critique about all aspects of choreographic works.


TOOLKIT TWO (Basic level):  144 items for beginners and intermediates (pink)

1. Teacher’s Ideabook — the instructional booklet that explains the resources, how to use them, and ways to extend learning
2. Choreographic Processes — 1 poster and 8 focus charts to guide the use of the choreographic processes
3. Choreographic Devices — 1 composite poster and 12 individual teaching charts to explain each of the manipulative devices
4. Dance Diamantes (Set 1) — 63 freshly created stanzas to prompt original dance choreography
5. Cool Contrasts (Set 1) — 52 two-sided cards with opposite word pairs to generate dances in AB form and stimulate improvisation
6. Foundation Structures — 6 focus charts that detail specifics of the basic choreographic structures


SINGLE ITEM CARD SET as a bonus:  Decoding Dance Works, Set 3 (for all ages).  45 more analyzing and critiquing cards to increase conceptual understanding and dance literacy.  (item number DDW3)