“The 5Ws” Poster Version 1


The 5W inquiry process generates important details to support or to launch a lesson. It directs thinking in the same way that the first paragraphs of an article directs attention to its main features — the “who, what, when, where” questions set the stage for the big question “why?”

All ages. Available in two color choices: Style #1  shown here:


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Five key questions focus student attention on important underlying factors that reinforce one’s education. Use this versatile 5 Ws poster to direct attention to the details of varied dance topics. For example, investigate the origins of a dance style and the key people who influence it; or construct the cultural context of a choreographic work (not only its title, choreographer, and time period, but also its style, motivation, impact, stylistic characteristics, and historical influences).

Used as a “process scaffold,”  The 5Ws enable you to build a layered context for fruitful discussion on numerous levels. Let this concise five-part inquiry post uncover not only the basic support structure but also the details and nuances of a dance work.

Specs:  Single poster, printed in full color on 13” x 19” quality card stock.

Suitability: All ages and stages of development.

Design: Action-character style

Style:  Choose between two color choices:

  • This version:  Version 1. black/red/ blue/yellow (colors designed to coordinate with “The Big Idea! Banner”)
  • Version 2. orange/blue/red/green

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1. Use as a hand-held facilitation poster to start a lesson.

2. Use as a hand-held facilitation poster during a lesson to inquire into pertinent facts.

3. Affix to the center of a classroom white board. Draw 5 arrows from each question to empty bubbles for students to fill in during discussion in order to retain the facts during the lesson/unit.

4. Display “The 5Ws” poster in the center of a wall. Affix five dry-erase tablets around the poster so you or your students can notate key points related to each question.

5. Get in the habit of using “The 5Ws” poster in one pocket of “The Big Idea” banner. For example, place it under a big heading such as Dance History, World Cultures, Dance Styles, Key People, Techniques, Anatomy, or Choreographer,

6. Use the poster to lead students to compare “The 5Ws” of one dance work to those of another to make the comparison parallel.