BLOG:  “How Do I Create a Model 6DC Educational Dance Program”


Brenda Pugh McCutchen

March 22, 2023


This is in response to a frequently asked question I get, “What is a ‘6DC Model of Educational Dance’?”  The response usually goes something like this:

“As you know, my life’s mission is to increase teacher effectiveness in all levels of education—from K-12  through higher education.  So I created the ‘6 DC Model’ which promotes a school-based dance curriculum which has six broad defining characteristics.

“The 6DC is descriptive, not prescriptive.  ‘6 DC’ simply comes the 6 Defining Characteristics of a Dance Curriculum.  6DC!

“This holistic model emphasizes literacy in the four artistic processes of dance—creating, performing, relating/responding, and connecting to dance history/cultures/people/places/etc.   It is standards-based without being standards-driven.

“The best place to learn about all six defining characteristics is from the opening chapter of Teaching Dance as Art in Education published by Human Kinetics. Google digitized that chapter which can be found on the web.

But for now, click here for a quick introduction.

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