“Heartfelt Congratulations on Culminating The 2018-19 School Year!”

May 15, 2019

Guest Blog by Tressa Oswalt



Congratulations! Most of you are getting close to the close of another school term – hopefully, a successful one. We at Dance Curriculum Designs (DCD), know the feelings. Happy, but exhausted. Confident, but contemplative. Ready for the end, but already mapping out the next beginning. This is the time you look back on your year, your semester, or your quarter and congratulate yourself on your good teaching, student growth, and curricular goals met…..and contemplate what could be done better.


We, at DCD, feel you. It’s why we are here. Providing the materials and ensuring that dance is taught as ART is our lifeblood and our mission. Our quest is to make this easier and more effective for every dedicated teacher of dance.

We believe in our arts education products and know that they make dance teaching easier and more focused, offering more ways to meet required dance standards. We are working to finalize more teaching kits for K-12 and post-secondary,  and are excited about upcoming products to be introduced in 2019.

So as you conclude this term and look ahead to the next, look at our proven materials and consider using them to guide you in designing and teaching your dance curriculum. Please feel free to message us through the Contact page on this website or call to ask questions. We are here to serve you and your students as you move forward to the next term.



Tressa Oswalt is the graphic designer at Dance Curriculum Designs.  She is also a great source of inspiration.  You can tell it in her visual designs and also from her beautifully written insights.  Look for more blogs from Tressa who is an irreplaceable treasure on the DCD team.  It is she who designs our resources to make them come alive in classrooms, designed to “inform and inspire” you as well as your students.  Tressa is vital to enabling DCD realize its mission to transform 20th century presentational dance teaching into holistic models for 21st century educational dance.   BPMcC