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Charts that emphasize dance’s universal big ideas are essential to education. They clarify core concepts and underscore their importance. The most effective charts increase vocabulary and put core concepts into the understanding of each student.  It is essential to have the universal ideas for each artistic process in plain sight to connect them to daily activities.  As a context for learning, big idea posters keep students attentive and retentive.  All charts are designed to 

  • substantially increase vocabulary
  • aid long-term retention
  • grow with students as they develop
  • provide a strong learning context
  • teach dance as a holistic discipline

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1. ELEMENTS OF DANCE (set of 5 wall charts for all artistic processes) are the universal vocabulary for dance and movement across dance styles and genres. The BSTER elements (Body, Space, Time, Energy, and Relationship) are basic terminology for creating, performing, connecting and responding to dance. 

2. ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS series  (sets of 6 posters for responding) ask key questions that apply to all dance works across styles and genres.  Each poster’s essential question offers possible answers to consider, debate, and discuss.  By posing questions before and after viewing, essential questions examine dance works and demonstrate what to look for. 

3.  22 WAYS TO VARY A PHRASE (1 poster for creating and performing) suggests 22 ways to vary a phrase and develop choreographic material.  Also guides improvising and varying across-the-floor sequences.

4. FOUR WAYS TO INQUIRE INTO DANCE (set of 5 posters to describe the artistic processes) displays the four viewpoints of dance education:  how to investigate each artistic process–as a performer, choreographer, critic, historianUseful as personal inquiry, journal reflection., advocacy for dance education, and to underscore the scope of educational dance.     


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1. ♥  THE ELEMENTS OF DANCE (Set of 5 wall charts)

The elements endure as dance’s basic vocabulary–the single most important language of dance and movement.  Elements are essential to literacy in all aspects of dance (to be a dancer, choreographer, critic, and historian). Each  poster details the elements related to one of these  1) Body, 2) Space, 3) Time, 4) Energy, and 5) Relationship (BSTER).  Content aligns with the “Elements of Dance” chart in Teaching Dance as Art in Education.  There are two versions:  All ages and Expert.

  • ♦  Set 1 is for K-12.
  • ♦  Set 2 is for university and professional (you may order with either a white or a black border).


Dance Elements 1, Set of 5 in color  addtocart-style1♥   DANCE ELEMENTS I    (For ES,MS, HS)    

5 Supersized color wall charts,  36 x 24 in, $175
(Dance Elements 2 set comes with either white border or black border.  Select.) 
 addtocart-style1Style AWhite border (Elements 2)
♥  DANCE ELEMENTS 2  (University and Professional)   
5 Supersized color wall charts with white border, 36 x 24 in, $175
Dance ElementsAdd to cart   Style B:  Black border (Elements 2)
♥ DANCE ELEMENTS 2  (University and Professional)
5 Supersized color wall charts with black border, 36 x 24 in, $175
2. ♥  ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS  (Sets have 6 posters) (3 shown from each set)
Essential Questions are effective entry points to responding to dance.   Each inquiry-based chart poses an essential question about a work with possible answers to get the conversation started.    They facilitate easy discussion in non-threatening ways, enabling conversations to take their own course in the context of the question.  Ready for all viewing settings across style and genre, Essential Questions are go-to resources for continued discussions year after year about different works.  The process is instructive because the questions are vital to enduring understanding about dance.  Used over time with different works, they build appreciation about dance as a significant art form and teach how to approach all choreographic works.  The different poster sets feature different kinds of questions.  Vocabulary grows the more they are used, allowing key concepts to take root and enhance observational skills.  They are designed to increase dance awareness, improve vocabulary, and boost confidence about discussing dance.  
-All ages easily use  Set I.   Advanced sets take MS, HS, and college students further by digging into deeper layers of a work.  Essential Questions Sets 2 and 3 gradually increase the level of sophistication to build confidence, insights, and offer greater complexity. 
High schools and colleges who use the complete set of 18 Essential Questions can mix up the questions and select according to the work viewed.   Save $12 by ordering all three sets as a bundle.  
Suited to high school and college level courses –Dance 101, Dance Appreciation, Intro to Dance, and Dance Analysis –because they instill key questions and empower users to confidently decode each work.   
-Printed in color on hardy semi-gloss cardstock, 19′”x 13″-
 dance education resources dance educational resources dance education resources addtocart-style1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           
♥    ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS Set I –  (ES, MS, HS, College, Adult, Professionals)  
6 color posters, printed 19 x 13 inches, $59  (only three of six displayed)
dance education resourcesdance education resources dance education resources
        Add to cart                                                                                        
♥  ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS, Set 2 –  (MS, HS, College, Adult)
  6 color posters, printed 19 x 13 inches, $59  (only three of six displayed)
 EQ3_Foreground_Print  EQ3_Background_Print  EQ3_Strengths_Print          Add to cart                                                                                                                                                                                                                                
♥   ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS Set 3-  (HS, College, Professional, Adult) 
  6 color posters, printed 19 x 13 inches, $59      (three of six displayed)
dance education resources     EQ3_Foreground_Print   dance education resources       Add to cart   
♥ BUNDLE OF ESSENTIAL QUESTIONS–Three sets of posters: SETS 1, 2, AND 3  (HS, College, Professional)
18 color charts, 19 x 13 inches, provide 18 core questions to facilitate “responding to dance,”  $174  (only one of each set shown)
 22WaysPosterRedPurple          Add to cart
♥  “22 WAYS TO VARY A PHRASE”  (Universally useful: Upper Elem. MS, HS)  

 1 color poster on sturdy cardstock,  19 x 13 inches, $15   This poster is a work horse. In easy-to-understand language this universal cue card specifies to all ages t2 manipulative devices (or tools) available when manipulating movement–whether it is to

  • guide movement exploration,
  • lead improvisation, or
  • alter across-the-floor sequences.
Post it  year-round for ongoing reference to increase conceptual understanding  and skill at all ages over Grade 3.


This poster set calls out the four types of dance inquiry required in school settings and names the key questions one asks.  These perspectives develop  the creator, performer, responder, and connecter of dance ideas.

 These posters advocate personal inquiry from four vantage points:  as dancer, choreographer, critic, and historian.  They are useful to introduce daily lessons, naming which method takes center stage and which are supporting methods.  This set is also useful to emphasize personal inquiry and describe the scope of dance study.
-Printed on hardy cardstock. Suited to all ages (over 8).
MethodsOfInquiry-5-A-color        FOUR WAYS TO INQUIRE INTO DANCE (ES, MS, HS)
  Select one–b/w or color:
   Style A…… 5 Black/White posters on cardstock, 17 X 11 in,  $39
Style B…..5 Color posters on cardstock,  17 X 11 in,  $59


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