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Did you know that Dance Curriculum Designs offers gift certificates at www.dancecurriculumdesigns.com.


  • Is your group pooling resources to buy your teacher a gift?
  • Is someone in your family wanting dance education resources?
  • Is your son or daughter studying dance education in grad school or college?
  • Is your spouse a K-12 dance specialist who keeps a “wish list?”
  • Has your beloved dance teacher’s budget shrunk?
  • Does your significant-other own a dance studio?


You can make gift-giving simple with a DCD Gift Certificates that allow them to select their own wished-for resources.   Pool your money for a DCD Gift Certificate that enables your special teacher to take items off of the “wish list” and right into the studio classroom?


Brenda Pugh McCutchen, author of Teaching Dance as Art in Education, creates unsurpassed inspired teaching tools.  They dynamically flow from core concepts in this textbook which was published by Human Kinetics in 2006.  The inspired teaching tools emphasize anchor concepts in each of dance’s artistic processes to support a standards-aligned curriculum—whether creating, performing, responding, or connecting. The tools help teachers consistently articulate what is most important to know about dance.


Simply go to the www.dancecurriculumdesigns.com, click on “Store” and then “Gift Certificates.”  You will receive the certificate that is coded for you to present your special dance educator.


Gift Certificates are available year round to mark any special occasion!

Two denominations available.:  DCD $50 and DCD $100