August 26, 2015

 Dance Curriculum Designs


Dance Curriculum Designs announces the arrival of the innovative Dance Elements Daisy, designed to facilitate creative dance.  Geared to grades 1-6, this teaching catalyst serves elementary schools, private studios, and anywhere children’s dance is taught.


The purpose of the Daisy is to generate exploratory movement and emphasize unique expressions of intent. Dance elements are featured as the movement vocabulary in this standards-based resource.


The Daisy is a sturdy vinyl banner.  It has clear pockets over the center and petals that hold die-cut movement cards (pockets invisible on the image). 100 interchangeable cards invite teachers and children to place different intent cards in the center and petal-shaped cards around it to prompt movement exploration. Center intent cards direct the activity. Petal cards around it prompt problem-solving to find new ways to clarify and magnify the intent.


To create a Daisy Dance choose one intent for the center.  Explore it fully by way of the many surrounding petals.  Remembering the best moves, create a dance sequence based on the word arrangement. Begin and end in stillness to complete the dance.


The easy-to-use set consists of one 36″ x 42″ hanging banner and 100 interchangeable cards for exploration and dance-making (20 round intent cards, 80 interchangeable petals for movement invention and discovery).  This tool is one of the Contextual Learning Systems™ from DCD.  Comes with a useful six-page ideabook and  3 hangers.


Dance Curriculum Designs is excited to share this resource as a creative catalyst for elementary dance because of its uniqueness, innovation, and literacy components. It is intentionally hands-on to prompt dance-making choices while it instills the elements as a functional dance language. This becomes an unforgettable language once it is embodied and used creatively.


Below is a slideshow of this resource.
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