CoronavirusWe at Dance Curriculum Designs share your worry and frustration as we deal with this pandemic on so many levels. We know that your priority is your students and giving them the best instruction when you cannot even share a classroom. We know that your creative minds have been inventing lessons and activities to complete the requirements of the class and to keep them connected to dance.


We mourn with you the inability to present your final works and to showcase the talents and the growth of your students. We feel the sorrow at losing face to face contact with your students at the peak of their learning and of their connection with you. We know that our dance classes and our schools are communities and this disruption is tough.


But we also know the resilience of dancers, artists, and creatives. When dance is your art, it is your drive. When all of this is said and done, you will come back strong and determined.


For those of you still teaching, we would like to offer you a free 38 page book called America’s Irreplaceable Dance Treasures – the First 100 ($3 for S/H). This book was put together by the Dance Heritage Coalition and had the challenge to select 100 luminaries to feature from over 900 nominations. The Dance Treasures include stellar dancers, choreographers, dance styles, and other indelible influences in the world of dance.


We encourage you to use this book as a guide for lessons, as a catalyst for further research, or as inspiration to broaden your dance influence vocabulary.


Know that we care and are empathizing with the challenges you continue to face as educators in this unprecedented time.  We are all experiencing it together, so with that in mind, we are all in community.


Take good care of yourself,


Our Team at Dance Curriculum Designs
Brenda Pugh McCutchen, proprietor
Tressa Oswalt, designer
Cyndi Wellborn, office manager
May 2020


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