August 28, 2015

Dance Curriculum Designs


Dance Curriculum Designs announces another new creative dance resource for elementary grades, CATALYSTS FOR CREATING DANCE K-5.  It is a CONTEXTUAL LEARNING SYSTEMS™ kit and all 235 resources are devoted to the artistic process, CREATING.  Materials align with the national core arts standards for “creating.”


A 55-page Teacher’s Ideabook offers numerous ways to present and cross-reference the materials.  205 creative catalysts include “22 Ways to Vary a Phrase,” a set of “Flip Side” movement cards, the stanza booklet “Poetic Prompts to Choreograph,” and a bonus– the large 4 ft x 3 ft interactive “Dance Elements Daisy.”  30 teaching charts provide the enduring understanding that supports quality dance-making and the NCAS standards:  “The Process for Dance-Making” (7), “Tools To Use for Dance-Making” (15), “Beginning-Middle-End” (2), and “Foundation Structures” (6).   They are the worker bees while the creative catalysts are the queen bees.


Children broaden their movement and conceptual vocabulary simultaneously due to the mix of resources.  Some provide the strong conceptual base to ground understanding. Others are creative catalysts that activate the concepts in imaginative ways.  Emphasis is on inventing original movement and exploring the dance elements.  For example, the kit’s Dance Elements Daisy motivates creative problem-solving and dance-making by endlessly combining 100 mix and match dance elements options. The rich context built by the resources and activities enable a child to develop confidence when creating and the ability to express ideas through movement.


Publication date September 15, 2015.  Retail $299 USD includes free shipping.  Special  pre-publication orders taken  through September 15, 2015 online at $259 with free shipping )


Below is a slide show of this resource by Brenda Pugh McCutchen .


Catalysts for Creating Dance K-5  kit is available at