“Reflections on the “Bali Study Tour 2014”
By Brenda Pugh McCutchen
Dance Curriculum Designs LLC
June 29, 2014


The adventure to Bali has ended…..at least on the ground. But the memories of the adventure are fresh and alive with all who participated in it. It was called “a trip of a lifetime” by some, but that doesn’t begin to express the depth or the complexity of the adventures we embarked on as a group and as individuals.


This video is but an introduction to the group that assembled, bonded, and returned changed in ways cultural and artistic. They reluctantly left behind new Balinese friends, many of whom had shared lessons, performed for them, toured with them, transported them to fabulous warungs, explained mysteries about Bali, and became part of our daily mix of pleasures while in Bali.


In subsequent postings we hope to share some of our experiences and overall impressions of Bali as well as images which are lasting for us and the causes we now celebrate, such as protecting Balinese culture from the onslaught of the kind of tourism that trashes the land and cares less about the culture and its people who make it such a paradise. Our group did not go for surfing and yoga. We went to see underneath the seen to the unseen aspects of Bali that make it such a cultural and spiritual treasure.


In addition to this video, I’ve asked our group to share first hand experiences on our blog pages so that their voices are heard in the aftermath of the study tour, as it is they who have the tales to tell.