3 Ordering Options

Ordering Option 1:  Easy online shopping through our secure shopping cart.

Ordering Option 2:   Purchase Order  (for NYCDOE)

 Complete two required forms and send:

1. Our  NYC PURCHASE ORDER FORM (download and enable editing).  Add shipping and the standard $35 PO processing fee.

2.  The NYCDOE Purchase Order.

Email both forms to info@dancecurriculumdesigns.com.  Or mail both to the address on DCD’s “NYC Purchase Order Form.”

DCD invoices NYCDoE when order is shipped.  NYCDOE pays by check, Net 30.



Ordering Option 3:  Purchase Orders (in USA)

(NYC educators use a different form: the NYC PO Form)    

Purchase orders are available for orders over $300.

  1. Two forms are required for a Purchase Order
    • Our  USA PURCHASE ORDER FORM. (download; enable editing). Add shipping and the $35 standard processing fee (see shipping table below the form).
    • Your institution’s  Purchase Order.
  2. Email both forms to: info@dancecurriculumdesigns.com.
  3. DCD invoices institution when order is shipped.  Institutional check is due Net 30.