May 27-June 13, 2014
By Brenda Pugh McCutchen
Dance Curriculum Designs LLC
January 1, 2014

30 Reasons to Dance in Bali:


  • Learn new dance forms from an exotic culture.
  • Attend authentic dance performances every day.
  • Take classes daily with seasoned artists and performers.
  • Immerse yourself in Balinese culture, arts, community, values, and traditions.
  • Visit dancers and artists in settings where they live and work.
  • Absorb the glorious sounds of gamelan music.
  • Take dance classes in outdoor bales of family compounds and in lovely surroundings.
  • Stay in small local hotels that overlook green vistas and sculpted rice terraces.
  • Explore the highest temple on the island of Bali where there are no tourists.
  • Dress in Balinese batiks and temple clothing for special occasions.
  • Learn to perform dances from the traditional Balinese repertory in an authentic setting.
  • Learn how to wear the exotic dance regalia of the Balinese dance forms you learn, and dance in beautiful fabrics and accessories.
  • Eat authentic Balinese cuisine every day.
  • Learn to cook Balinese specialty dishes in our traditional cooking classes.
  • Weave traditional bamboo offerings and decorate them with flower petals.
  • Take lessons in related art forms that deepen your artistic experience in Bali.
  • Visit the Agung Rai Museum of Art in Ubud to get an overview of the visual arts in Bali.
  • Attend the opening day of the acclaimed “2014 Bali Arts Festival.”
  • Visit the Neka Museum to appreciate the three main painting styles of central Bali.
  • Walk through the sculpted rice terraces to grasp the intricate way water is shared throughout the island.
  • Take in the mask museum to better understand characters from Bali’s dance-dramas.
  • Attend a children’s gamelan performance in a small village.
  • Meet a “dalang” who is a living treasure in Bali, and afterward attend his wayang kulit performance.
  • Meet some gentle, special Balinese people you will want to befriend for life.
  • Visit the Ubud Market for a time of shopping and looking at the wonders there.
  • Drive through the tropical countryside to see the villages and the stunning landscape of Bali.
  • Visit Lake Batur and see the volcanos that are part of the Rim of Fire of Indonesia.
  • Visit a coffee plantation and learn about a new way to process coffee beans.
  • Take time to absorb some the ancient temple structures which proliferate on the island.
  • Learn your way around Bali so that you may return again and again in the future.

=Transform yourself and your world view as you experience the magic that is Bali=