=“2016 Dance Study-Abroad in Bali”=


WANTED NOW:     University faculty who want to offer graduate level courses in Balinese dance, arts, and culture in May-June 2016.


Are you faculty at a college or university who dreams of offering a graduate level course in Balinese dance, arts, and culture? If so, contact Brenda Pugh McCutchen to work with you to plan, arrange, and host the on-site aspects of your study. Her insights into Balinese arts create an unforgettably rich immersion course with the kind of detail that is unparalleled. This study-abroad is ideal for graduate study or professional dance training. 15-day intensives are offered and can be planned at all technical levels.


Contact Brenda to solidify the dates that serve your group. McCutchen will arrange a complete 15-day study immersion package on the island which includes everything (lodging, food, classes, performances, admissions, excursions, tours, ground transportation, etc.) for approximately $2888 per participant. As “Group Coordinator” you are in charge of the group: you assemble your own group, assist with their travel to Bali, be the group liaison with Brenda, and be the professor of record for the graduate course to arrange the study.  As “Bali Coordinator” McCutchen plans and arranges all the artistic aspects of the trip, arranges for all teachers and class sessions, handles logistics and details on the island, provides the academic expertise to accompany the planned experiences, arranges special performances and relevant experiences, plans and schedules all travel while on the island, engages world-class artists, and meets you at the Bali airport with roundtrip service.  


Only 2 groups can schedule during May-June, the preferred time. First come. 803-754-7384


  • Dance in paradise with teaching artists who expertly share their art forms with you.
  • Immerse yourself in the culture that spawned the manifold dances performed for the gods in temple ceremonies throughout the island.
  • Gain personal insights about the interrelatedness of arts, religion, and ritual in Bali.
  • Study with world-class Balinese artists who infuse traditional culture into their work.
  • Learn amidst a lush tropical landscape which appears to be paradise.
  • Be Balinese for 15 days—go not as “tourist” but welcomed guest of the Balinese.


  • Brenda Pugh McCutchen will also offer a 2016 study tour to Bali for eight dance and arts education professionals. Contact now.